Supplier Solutions reaches 50 eProcurement System milestone!
Yes, you read that correctly. With the recent addition of Skyward purchasing, we crossed the 50 mark. Who would have thought 11 years ago when we started that there would be this many variations to PunchOut. To see a complete list of our compatible modules Click here!
Coupa reaches 500,000 supplier Milestone!
Glad we could help you get there. Go Coupa! Press Release
Worried about SAP's aquisition of Ariba?
Our customers aren't. They rest easy knowing that our Punchout Compatibility Assurance™ program keeps their eStore-Connect site will working - no matter what!
LAS VEGAS, April 11, 2012 - SEEBURGER and Supplier Solutions Inc. today announced a combined punchout/B2B integration solution
Read the full release on The Wall Street Journal's Market Watch
Getting ready for Vegas!
Ariba Live 2012 is just around the corner, and once again Supplier Solutions is an Event sponsor. This year promises to be more exciting than ever, where we be announcing a new partnership that will rock the eProcurement world! Let us know if you'll be attending this year's event - we'd love to see you!
Sodexo named Pro To Know for The Marketplace
We're delighted at the news that Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine has recognized Sodexo on their Pros to Know list. Sodexo's eProcurement solution dubbed The Marketplace, was recognized for it's innovation and efficiencies. Having recently integrated a few Punchout Ready® storefronts with The Marketplace, we agree that it is a top-notch system. We're proud to work with one of the industries' Pros. Keep up the good work Sodexo!
We just helped NASA solve an Oracle upgrade issue
Yes, that NASA. A division has been going through a system upgrade to Oracle 12, and had trouble connecting to some PunchOut vendors. We reviewed their error logs and quickly diagnosed the problem. One conference call later and problem solved.
True, PunchOut is not rocket science, but sometimes it can seem that way. Trust the experts.
More eProcurement Systems added!
Quick list of recent eProcurement systems added to our list: eSchoolmall, Buy Efficient, Nexus Payables. More in the near future. To see them all Click here!
Ariba live 2011 was fantastic!
Good as we expected. Great reception for the Punchout Ready site. Buyers expressed relief that they could find new suppliers and send there struggling suppliers to us.
Ready for the Ariba Live 2010 Conference?
Be sure to check out our booth. You'll recognize us. We're the only ones that are certified as both PunchOut Ready and Ariba Ready

Suppliers investing in one of our solutions are guaranteed compatibility with Ariba - but they can leverage that same application for ALL Punchout integrations. Wise move.
Item Options as line items with quantity match.
We've just implemented a cool new feature that allows item configurations to also add to the shopping cart as line items. So for our customer who sells trucks, when the truck is configured with the upgraded bumper and tool chest, they get added as seperate lines to the PO. It will also update those lines so the quantity matches, so two trucks ordered means two bumpers ordered. That makes the reconcilliation of the PO much easier on the buyer.
New Bundle Management GUI
It's nearing completion and I think it's going to be pretty cool. We had a chance to review a working version today and it's turned out super intuitive and easy to use.
Punchout Checkout Fields?
That's a mouthful, but it's super handy. We allow suppliers to capture and save information on the punchout that will be "married-up" to a Purchase Order if and when it is received. We have suppliers collecting print copy, uploading images, getting contact info and uploading documents on the punchout site which are stored and only retrieved when they need it.
Enterprise-Connect.....sounds "trekky"?
Well, taking our cues from our Trekky past, we named our latest product Enterprise-Connect. It connects existing legacy storefronts to purchasing applications like Ariba, SAP, Oracle and more. It's a great fit for suppliers who want to leverage their existing highly developed storefronts with out making a huge investment. Make it so #1!
Ditch the Paper - eInvoicing - Online PO Flip
We're helping our suppliers and buyers ditch costly paper invoices. It can cost as much as $97.00 to process a single manual invoice. That's as much as 50 Times, yes 50 Times, more costly than processing electronic invoices. It is no surprise many buyers are moving quickly away from paper and we're helping them do it!
We've got Level II punchout!
We're pumped to be supporting Level II Punchout. We're offering Product Level, Shelf Level and Aisle Level. We're even supporting "edit" AND "inspect" on Level II !